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Buying Property in Croatia

With our assistance, this process is straightforward, and given our expertise and exceptional customer service, you simply need to choose your ideal property, and we will do the rest. There are two different ways under which you can become a property owner in Croatia. You may purchase a property as:

a) an individual buyer
b) a company

Real-estate limitations - all foreign nationals (from EU and outside EU) cannot buy real-estate on exclusive territories, and these are:


1. Real-Estate Purchase – EU Nationals

Citizens and legal entities from member states of the European Union gain the same ownership rights over real-estates in the Republic of Croatia just like the citizens of Croatia and legal entities with their seats in the Republic of Croatia.

2. Real-Estate Purchase – Foreign Nationals, Outside EU Nationals

Foreign nationals can buy real-estate in the Republic of Croatia according to the reciprocity principle. In purchasing a real estate it is necessary to refer a written request to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia. This service will be provided by our lawyers. Reciprocity - Foreign nationals can buy real-estate in the Republic of Croatia only when, and under the same conditions, nationals of the Republic of Croatia can buy real estate in respective countries.


Foreign nationals outside the EU who own a Croatian company (d.o.o. or d.d. – Ltd. or Inc.), do not require approval of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia, and they may purchase real-estate in the Republic of Croatia in their company’s name without any restrictions.

Company Ownership

There are numerous benefits should you decide to purchase as a company owner. This again is a very straightforward procedure. The company can purchase the property immediately, without having to obtain permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can also benefit from VAT deductions or a mortgage facility, which as a company owner in Croatia will be available to you. A fully operative company can then rent out properties, export/import goods, or perform any other business with VAT benefits that are educed by it.

Setting up a Company

Our legal team will set up a Croatian Limited Liability Corporation on your behalf. You will nominate the shareholders and the management (i.e. you yourself).

Real-Estate Selling

All foreign naturals and legal persons can, without any barrier, sell their real-estate which are in the field of the Republic of Croatia.


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